How to Win Online Slot Machines

How to Win Online Slot Machines

Let’s assume, just for the heck of it, that there’s a sucker out there somewhere who’s willing to give you one hundred dollars in exchange for the secret of whether or not a machine is going to give you a hundred dollars back, and when you get it you find out that the sucker was right about one thing: that you were suckering money out of him time and time again and were not going to get it back, he was just pulling your leg. This would be a stomach turning experience for any human being. But for the thousands of times that this actually happens, the amazement is that it does not happen at all.

Many people have tried to beat online slot machines at an almost desperation level, after learning the ins and outs of actually playing with coins. Many of them have had some success but honestly, for every person that is making money on online slots with a method of counting, there are ten more that are completely dependent on luck. The number two mistake that these people make is that they assume that the slots are fixed and that the outcome is based on the machine. If you rely on the outcome of a machine to make money, then you are dependent on something that is not there.

Although there is no sure fire way to beat online slot machines, there is a way to win money at slots if you know what it is, and the only way to know what it is is is to take the time to analyze what it takes to successfully hit the jackpot. There are experts that have found that certain combinations of symbols will win more often than other combinations of symbols. Although you may win with or without their help, there is no guarantee that you will win money from an online slot machine. Although the future is unknown, there are strategies that can be implemented now to increase your chances of hitting the jackpot.

The first thing that you should do is to click over to some of the major gambling sites online and look for a “Slot Games” or a “Video Slots” menu. They are normally displayed together online, and may even be displayed on the same site. With the knowledge about which slot games to play, you will be able to see the number of spots uncovered on the wheel as the number of coins that you will need. The rule of thumb is not to play ever single wheel until you have completely examined every coin denomination on the wheel.

You may be wondering about the difference between the inside and outside bets. For the inside bets, you are choosing numbers that are inside the layout. These numbers are normally the ones that are harder to hit, so you are basically going against the machine. In the case of outside bets, you are betting on the outside of the machine, and your numbers are not necessarily against the machine. To increase your odds of winning, you are better off focusing on the outside bets.

The difference between the outside and inside bets is not huge. With outside bets, you are betting on several numbers, and have an approximation of where the ball will land. With inside bets, the machine will spin the wheel in many different directions, which will obviously cause the ball to fall differently. It is not advised to the play the inside bets unless the casino makes them part of a promotion.

Casinos also make other types of bonuses, such as the sign-up bonuses, which offer a bonus immediately to a new client. Sign-up bonuses are usually a match bonus on a percentage basis. The casino will give you the bonus that you have chosen, and in some cases your bonus will be credited to your account even before the bonus is given. Many casinos will double your first deposit, or may offer a bonus of up to fifty percent of your deposit, in addition to a bonus of money for any other deposit you make. In this situation, in order to receive the bonus, you may have to make a deposit, but the casino is able to match your deposit and bonus up to a higher amount.

Many casinos have a system of giving out bonuses throughout the year in addition to the regular bonuses. One of these is the ” loyalty” or reward system. If you are a regular player, you may sometimes be able to amass comp points and this can then be converted into cash, or casino credits. The point system is inclined to regular promotions, but may also offer bonuses as a way to reward loyal clients.

Even with all of these promotions, the odds are still against you when you play in an online casino. The odds are in the casino’s favor since they have a lower house edge than most casinos. Therefore, with careful playing and a good mathematical understanding of the odds, you will still lose your money if you play online.


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